[issue8998] add crypto routines to stdlib

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Sun Sep 19 00:54:22 CEST 2010

lorph <lorph1 at gmail.com> added the comment:

> OpenSSL outperforms libtomcrypt by a significant factor (easily 2x) in most cases.

Gregory, do you have any evidence to substantiate this claim? Not that it isn't plausible, but I couldn't find any benchmarks, and here the author of libtomcrypt finds it to be 40% faster than OpenSSL concerning RSA operations.


>  but I am generally in favor of absolute performance per byte of all algorithms concerned being available

Performance isn't all that matters, or else Python would have used GMP, as Guido discussed here:


It is also not a convincing argument that new python libraries should use OpenSSL if possible just because that is what _ssl uses. Compiling Python with OpenSSL support has been optional because it puts additional restrictions on the PSF license. Spreading this restriction to the future crypto module (when we have a choice not to) doesn't make sense.


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