[issue8998] add crypto routines to stdlib

Marc-Andre Lemburg report at bugs.python.org
Sun Sep 19 16:17:58 CEST 2010

Marc-Andre Lemburg <mal at egenix.com> added the comment:

Antoine Pitrou wrote:
> Antoine Pitrou <pitrou at free.fr> added the comment:
>> It may be worthwhile investigating adding the EVP interface
>> from evpy (with the ctypes bindings converted to real C wrappers)
>> to pyOpenSSL and then adding the pyOpenSSL package to the stdlib.
> pyOpenSSL being LGPL'ed, I'm not sure this is possible.

Changing the license should be possible, since we know the
copyright owners and both are PSF members (AB Strakt and Jean-Paul).

> On the other hand, gradually adding some of pyOpenSSL's most useful functionalities to the ssl module would be worthwhile, and I know Jean-Paul would be interested in this.
> This has already begun in 3.2, but I've been alone in doing it and it would be nice if other people contributed:
> http://docs.python.org/dev/library/ssl.html#ssl-contexts

I don't think we should redo this effort in the context
of the ssl module.

pyOpenSSL is stable, in production use and
has a decent API. The ssl module is good enough for HTTPS client
use. pyOpenSSL provides a robust server side implementation with
all the required certificate and context handling needed for this.

We could tell people to use the ssl module for clients and
pyOpenSSL for the server side and perhaps integrate the OpenSSL
package into the ssl namespace.


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