[issue1491] BaseHTTPServer incorrectly implements response code 100

Senthil Kumaran report at bugs.python.org
Thu Sep 30 08:13:28 CEST 2010

Senthil Kumaran <orsenthil at gmail.com> added the comment:

Fixed and committed in revision 85125.

Actually, this changes the behavior of BaseHTTPServer a little and adds two new methods to the code, so I don't think, this should be back-ported to 2.7 and 3.1. If older code were to encounter the new 100 Continue response, then chances are that it may break.

I have added Misc/NEWS too.

BTW, there are tests for BaseHTTPServer in test_httpservers, thought it often gets overlooked. I merged the tests in the patch to that file.

I shall back-port some of the other tests which are useful.


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