[issue4953] cgi module cannot handle POST with multipart/form-data in 3.0

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Tue Jan 11 11:28:29 CET 2011

Glenn Linderman <v+python at g.nevcal.com> added the comment:

R. David:

Pierre said:
BytesFeedParser only uses the ascii codec ; if the header has non ASCII characters (filename in a multipart/form-data), they are replaced by ? : the original file name is lost. So for the moment I leave the text version of FeedParser

I say:
Does this mean BytesFeedParser, to be useful for cgi.py, needs to accept an input parameter encoding, defaulting to ASCII for the email case?  Should that be a new issue?  Or should cgi.py, since it can't use email to do all its work (no support for file storage, no support for encoding) simply not try, and use its own code for header decoding also?  The only cost would be support for Encoded-Word -- but it is not clear that HTTP uses them?  Can anyone give an example of such?  Read the next message here for an example of filename containing non-ASCII.


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