[issue1488934] file.write + closed pipe = no error

Charles-Francois Natali report at bugs.python.org
Wed Jan 12 14:16:27 CET 2011

Charles-Francois Natali <neologix at free.fr> added the comment:

This is normal behaviour: stdout is normally line buffered (_IOLBF) only if connected to a tty.
When it's not connected to a tty, it's full buffered (_IOFBF). This is done on purpose for performance reason. To convince yourself, run 

$ cat test.py
for i in range(1, 1000000):
    print('hello world')

$ time python test.py > /tmp/foo

With buffering off (-u option), the same commande takes almost 10 times longer.

If the application wants to be sure to receive a SIGPIPE when the pipe's end is closed, it should just flush stdout explicitely (sys.stdout.flush()).

Suggesting to close.

nosy: +neologix, pitrou

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