[issue11410] Use GCC visibility attrs in PyAPI_*

Thomas Wouters report at bugs.python.org
Sun Mar 6 07:14:02 CET 2011

Thomas Wouters <thomas at python.org> added the comment:

This patch adds support for the GCC visibility attributes to the PyAPI_* macros (currently only used for Windows.) GCC's default visibility is 'public', but can be changed to 'hidden' with the '-fvisibility=hidden' argument; see http://gcc.gnu.org/wiki/Visibility. This patch does not make the build use that, it merely makes Python function correctly when the default visibility *is* changed. (The benefit of building Python with -fvisibility=hidden is very small, as it causes only a handful of symbols to not be exported. When embedding Python, though, this can make a lot of difference.)

The patch also fixes a few modules that don't use PyMODINIT_FUNC for their module-init function definitions, like they should.


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