[issue11021] email MIME-Version headers for each part in multipart message

David Caro report at bugs.python.org
Mon Mar 14 21:01:51 CET 2011

David Caro <david.caro.estevez at gmail.com> added the comment:

Of course, the RFC that discusses the MIME-Version Header is  RFC-2045

Extract of the page 8:
   "Note that the MIME-Version header field is required at the top level
   of a message.  It is not required for each body part of a multipart

Strictly all the implementations should support the MIME-Version on each field, because the RFC does not explicitly say that it should not be included, but all the best practice documents that mention it say that it should not be included in all the parts, my main concern is that maybe it raises the spam level of the sent e-mails.

Maybe it's not critical enough to be backported, but at least, it should be changed for future versions.



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