[issue13609] Add "os.get_terminal_size()" function

Zbyszek Szmek report at bugs.python.org
Fri Jan 6 19:55:09 CET 2012

Zbyszek Szmek <zbyszek at in.waw.pl> added the comment:

> Some remarks on the Windows implementation in termsize.diff.4:

> - On Windows, the C runtime always sets fileno(stdout) to 1, so
> hardcoded values are OK.
> But on Unix, I'm quite sure that embedded interpreters (mod_python?) 
> sometimes close the standard descriptor, so fd=1 can refer to 
> something entirely different.
> Does it makes sense to initialize fd=fileno(stdout) (this is C code) 
> instead?
OK, I agree that fd=fileno(stdout) is better. Now it matches the docstring which says "defaults to stdout" better.

> - When GetStdHandle() returns INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE, 
> PyErr_SetFromWindowsErr(0) should be used.
> And it's not necessary to use GetLastError(), 0 is enough.
OK, good no know.

> - GetStdHandle will return NULL in a non-console application (try 
> with pythonw.exe or IDLE), I think a specific error message should be 
> raised in this case.
OK. I tried and I see that the GetStdHandle documentation says so, but
I couldn't get it to return NULL. Nevertheless, I added a check:
+        if (handle == NULL)
+            return PyErr_Format(PyExc_OSError, "stdout not connected");

Thanks for the review!

Updated: termsize.diff.5

Added file: http://bugs.python.org/file24157/termsize.diff.5

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