[issue13735] The protocol > 0 of cPickle does not given stable dictionary values

Kay Hayen report at bugs.python.org
Sun Jan 8 19:46:59 CET 2012

Kay Hayen <kayhayen at gmx.de> added the comment:

Sending my attached file "stream.py" through "2to3.py" it shows that CPython 3.2 doesn't exihibit the issue for either protocol, which may be because it's now "unicode" key, but as it's the only value I tried, I can't tell.

Hope this helps.

Regarding the "marshal", I presume, that somehow the dictionary when created via "marshal" (or compile, if no ".pyc" is involved?) first time is somehow less efficient to determine/stream that the one "cPickle" created.

My assumption is that somehow, when creating the dictionary from cPickle, it is different (has to be), and that's interesting. And of course the easier to stream dictionary may be the nicer one at runtime as well. But that is just my speculation.



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