[issue13642] urllib incorrectly quotes username and password in https basic auth

Senthil Kumaran report at bugs.python.org
Tue Jan 10 17:47:20 CET 2012

Senthil Kumaran <senthil at uthcode.com> added the comment:

Joonas and Michele - The fix along with the tests is in for 2.7 line. W.r.t to tests having it in the class level buf seems to be only easy way, for other it seemed to be that FakeSocket and FakeConnection stuff need some major change (and resulted in breaking of some tests). I thought it is better to push it in the current form as we use the buf for temporary storage and verification.
I think, those tests can be brought into 3.x line as well.

resolution:  -> fixed
stage: patch review -> committed/rejected

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