[issue21415] Python __new__ method doc typo (it's a class and not a static method)

Jurko Gospodnetić report at bugs.python.org
Sat May 3 11:11:13 CEST 2014

Jurko Gospodnetić added the comment:

Thanks for the detailed response! :-(

I should have tested more before reporting the issue.
Sorry for the noise. :-(

I saw the 'cls' argument and assumed it was a class
method. Having to explicitly specify cls did not
seem to be in contradiction with this since I assumed
__new__ is generally invoked on the class directly.

I still do not see why it had to be a static method
and has not been implemented as a class method, but I
guess I'll better ask that kind of a question on the
python user's newsgroup. :-)

Just in case it can help someone else, here's some
sample code what convinced me __new__ was indeed
implemented as a static method:

> class X:
>     pass
> X.__new__()   # TypeError: object.__new__(): not enough arguments
> X.__new__(X)  # creates a new X instance
> x = X()
> x.__new__()   # TypeError: object.__new__(): not enough arguments
> x.__new__(X)  # creates a new X instance

If __new__ had been a class method then calling
'x.__new__()' would have worked as well.

Thanks again for the replies!

Best regards,
  Jurko Gospodnetić


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