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Update description of what to do about obsolete modules; previous
explanation did not accomodate some being .py and some .so.

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! \section{Obsolete}
! These modules are not on the standard module search path;
! \indexiii{module}{search}{path}
! but are available in the directory \file{lib-old/} installed  under
! \file{\textrm{\$prefix}/lib/python1.5/}. % $ <-- bow to font lock
! To use any of these modules, add that directory to \code{sys.path},
! possibly using \envvar{PYTHONPATH}.
--- 87,107 ----
! \section{Obsolete \label{obsolete-modules}}
! These modules are not normally available for import; additional work
! must be done to make them available.
! Those which are written in Python will be installed into the directory 
! \file{lib-old/} installed as part of the standard library.  To use
! these, the directory must be added to \code{sys.path}, possibly using
! \envvar{PYTHONPATH}.
! Obsolete extension modules written in C are not built by default.
! Under \UNIX, these must be enabled by uncommenting the appropriate
! lines in \file{Modules/Setup} in the build tree and either rebuilding
! Python if the modules are statically linked, or building and
! installing the shared object if using dynamically-loaded extensions.
! % XXX need Windows instructions!