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Add documentation for getmoduleinfo() and getmodulename().

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+ \begin{funcdesc}{getmoduleinfo}{path}
+   Return a tuple of values that describe how Python will interpret the
+   file identified by \var{path} if it is a module, or \code{None} if
+   it would not be identified as a module.  The return tuple is
+   \code{(\var{name}, \var{suffix}, \var{mode}, \var{mtype})}, where
+   \var{name} is the name of the module without the name of any
+   enclosing package, \var{suffix} is the trailing part of the file
+   name (which may not be a dot-delimited extension), \var{mode} is the
+   \function{open()} mode that would be used (\code{'r'} or
+   \code{'rb'}), and \var{mtype} is an integer giving the type of the
+   module.  \var{mtype} will have a value which can be compared to the
+   constants defined in the \refmodule{imp} module; see the
+   documentation for that module for more information on module types.
+ \end{funcdesc}
+ \begin{funcdesc}{getmodulename}{path}
+   Return the name of the module named by the file \var{path}, without
+   including the names of enclosing packages.  This uses the same
+   algortihm as the interpreter uses when searching for modules.  If
+   the name cannot be matched according to the interpreter's rules,
+   \code{None} is returned.
+ \end{funcdesc}
    Return true if the object is a module.