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Added warning that FancyURLopener prompts the user on the terminal when
basic authentication is needed.

Added documentation for FancyURLopener.prompt_user_passwd(), explaining
that subclasses should provide more appropriate behavior for the hosting

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  The parameters to the constructor are the same as those for
+ \strong{Note:}  When performing basic authentication, a
+ \class{FancyURLopener} instance calls its
+ \method{prompt_user_passwd()} method.  The default implementation asks
+ the users for the required information on the controlling terminal.  A
+ subclass may override this method to support more appropriate behavior
+ if needed.
*** 315,318 ****
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  before calling the base constructor.
+ The \class{FancyURLopener} class offers one additional method that
+ should be overloaded to provide the appropriate behavior:
+ \begin{methoddesc}[FancyURLopener]{prompt_user_passwd}{host, realm}
+ Return information needed to authenticate the user at the given host
+ in the specified security realm.  The return value should be a tuple,
+ \code{(\var{user}, \var{password})}, which can be used for basic
+ authentication.
+ The implementation prompts for this information on the terminal; an
+ application should override this method to use an appropriate
+ interaction model in the local environment.
+ \end{methoddesc}