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Documentation for Just's ColorPicker module, so the Mac OS guys get
something out of this documentation release as well.  ;-)

--- NEW FILE: libcolorpicker.tex ---
\section{\module{ColorPicker} ---
         Color selection dialog}

\moduleauthor{Just van Rossum}{just@letterror.com}
\sectionauthor{Fred L. Drake, Jr.}{fdrake@acm.org}

The \module{ColorPicker} module provides access to the standard color
picker dialog.

\begin{funcdesc}{GetColor}{prompt, rgb}
  Show a standard color selection dialog and allow the user to select
  a color.  The user is given instruction by the \var{prompt} string,
  and the default color is set to \var{rgb}.  \var{rgb} must be a
  tuple giving the red, green, and blue components of the color.
  \function{GetColor()} returns a tuple giving the user's selected
  color and a flag indicating whether they accepted the selection of

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