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New restriction on pow(x, y, z):  If z is not None, x and y must be of
integer types, and y must be >= 0.  See discussion at

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*** NEWS	2001/09/03 05:47:38	1.224
--- NEWS	2001/09/03 08:35:40	1.225
*** 4,7 ****
--- 4,13 ----
+ - The 3-argument builtin pow() no longer allows a third non-None argument
+   if either of the first two arguments is a float, or if both are of
+   integer types and the second argument is negative (in which latter case
+   the arguments are converted to float, so this is really the same
+   restriction).
  - The builtin dir() now returns more information, and sometimes much
    more, generally naming all attributes of an object, and all attributes