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Enable large file support on Win32 systems.
Curious:  the MS docs say stati64 etc are supported even on Win95, but
Win95 doesn't support a filesystem that allows partitions > 2 Gb.

test_largefile:  This was opening its test file in text mode.  I have no
idea how that worked under Win64, but it sure needs binary mode on Win98.
BTW, on Win98 test_largefile runs quickly (under a second).

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*** NEWS	2001/09/05 22:36:56	1.232
--- NEWS	2001/09/06 00:32:15	1.233
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+ - Large file support is now enabled on Win32 platforms as well as on
+   Win64.  This means that, for example, you can use f.tell() and f.seek()
+   to manipulate files larger than 2 gigabytes (provided you have enough
+   disk space, and are using a Windows filesystem that supports large
+   partitions).
  - The w9xpopen hack is now used on Windows NT and 2000 too when COMPSPEC
    points to command.com (patch from Brian Quinlan).