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Minimal instructions for using the Makefile here. Also a clear
statement that this is a proof-of-concept meant for people to
experiment with, nothing more.

This directory contains a Makefile that will create a proof-of-concept
Mac OS X application for Python. The process is far from streamlined,
and it will definitely change in future releases of Python, but I wanted to
include this in the current distribution so people could play with it.

To create a fullblown Python.app proceed as follows.

1. In the main Python source directory configure python with
   configure --enable-framework --with-suffix
2. Do a "make clean" if you did a previous build, then "make".
3. Install this as a framework with "make frameworkinstall". This puts a Python
   framework into /Library/Frameworks.
4. Come back here (Mac/OSX) and build and install the application,
   with "make install".
5. It is probably a good idea to add the Mac-specific modules to the framework,
   with "make installmacsubtree". This puts a MacPython lib directory into
   sys.prefix/Mac/Lib. Again, this is a temporary measure.
You are now done. In your Applications you should have a "Python", with the icon
being a falling 16 Ton weight with a shadow under it. You can drop Python scripts
on this and the will be run, in a full-windowing environment. Note that you
do not get sys.stdin, and that sys.stdout goes to the console (Use
Applications/Utilities/Console to see it).

Something to take note of is that the ".rsrc" files in the distribution are not
actually resource files, they're AppleSingle encoded resource files.

	Jack Jansen, jack@oratrix.com, 6-Sep-01.