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Document the built-in iter() function.

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+ \begin{funcdesc}{iter}{o\optional{, sentinel}}
+   Return an iterator object.  The first argument is interpreted very
+   differently depending on the presence of the second argument.
+   Without a second argument, \var{o} must be a collection object which
+   supports the iteration protocol (the \method{__iter__()} method), or
+   it must support the sequence protocol (the \method{__getitem__()}
+   method with integer arguments starting at \code{0}).  If it does not
+   support either of those protocols, \exception{TypeError} is raised.
+   If the second argument, \var{sentinel}, is given, then \var{o} must
+   be a callable object.  The iterator created in this case will call
+   \var{o} with no arguments for each call to its \method{next()}
+   method; if the value returned is equal to \var{sentinel},
+   \exception{StopIteration} will be raised, otherwise the value will
+   be returned.
+   \versionadded{2.2}
+ \end{funcdesc}
    Return the length (the number of items) of an object.  The argument