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Generalize operator.indexOf (PySequence_Index) to work with any
iterable object.  I'm not sure how that got overlooked before!

Got rid of the internal _PySequence_IterContains, introduced a new
internal _PySequence_IterSearch, and rewrote all the iteration-based
"count of", "index of", and "is the object in it or not?" routines to
just call the new function.  I suppose it's slower this way, but the
code duplication was getting depressing.

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*** NEWS	2001/09/08 01:25:46	1.238
--- NEWS	2001/09/08 04:00:12	1.239
*** 6,9 ****
--- 6,12 ----
+ - operator.indexOf() (PySequence_Index() in the C API) now works with any
+   iterable object.