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Documentation for the new hmac module, contributed by Gerhard Häring.
This is part of SF patch #460112.

--- NEW FILE: libhmac.tex ---
\section{\module{hmac} ---
         Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication}

\modulesynopsis{Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication (HMAC)
                implementation for Python.}
\moduleauthor{Gerhard H{\"a}ring}{ghaering@users.sourceforge.net}
\sectionauthor{Gerhard H{\"a}ring}{ghaering@users.sourceforge.net}


This module implements the HMAC algorithm as described by \rfc{2104}.

\begin{funcdesc}{new}{key\optional{, msg\optional{, digestmod}}}
  Return a new hmac object.  If \var{msg} is present, the method call
  \code{update(\var{msg})} is made. \var{digestmod} is the digest
  module for the HMAC object to use. It defaults to the
  \refmodule{md5} module.

An HMAC object has the following methods:

  Update the hmac object with the string \var{msg}.  Repeated calls
  are equivalent to a single call with the concatenation of all the
  arguments: \code{m.update(a); m.update(b)} is equivalent to
  \code{m.update(a + b)}.

  Return the digest of the strings passed to the \method{update()}
  method so far.  This is a 16-byte string (for \refmodule{md5}) or a
  20-byte string (for \refmodule{sha}) which may contain non-\ASCII{}
  characters, including NUL bytes.

  Like \method{digest()} except the digest is returned as a string of
  length 32 for \refmodule{md5} (40 for \refmodule{sha}), containing
  only hexadecimal digits.  This may be used to exchange the value
  safely in email or other non-binary environments.

  Return a copy (``clone'') of the hmac object.  This can be used to
  efficiently compute the digests of strings that share a common
  initial substring.