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SF patch #461413 (Gerhard Häring): Add STARTTLS feature to smtplib

   This patch adds the features from RFC 2487 (Secure SMTP 
   over TLS) to the smtplib module: 

   - A starttls() function 
   - Wrapper classes that simulate enough of sockets and 
     files for smtplib, but really wrap a SSLObject 
   - reset the list of known SMTP extensions at each call 
     of ehlo(). This should have been the case anyway. 

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+ \begin{methoddesc}{starttls}{\optional{keyfile, certfile}}
+ Put the SMTP connection in TLS (Transport Layer Security) mode. All SMTP
+ commands that follow will be encrypted. You should then call ehlo() again.
+ If \var{keyfile} and \var{certfile} are provided, these are passed to the
+ socket module's ssl function.
+ \end{methoddesc}
  \begin{methoddesc}{sendmail}{from_addr, to_addrs, msg\optional{,
                               mail_options, rcpt_options}}