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SF patch #461781 by Chris Lawrence: os.path.realpath - Resolve symlinks:

   Once upon a time, I put together a little function 
   that tries to find the canonical filename for a given 
   pathname on POSIX. I've finally gotten around to 
   turning it into a proper patch with documentation. 
   On non-POSIX, I made it an alias for 'abspath', as 
   that's the behavior on POSIX when no symlinks are 
   encountered in the path.

   >>> os.path.realpath('/usr/bin/X11/X')

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+ \begin{funcdesc}{realpath}{path}
+ Return the canonical path of the specified filename, eliminating any
+ symbolic links encountered in the path.
+ Availability:  \UNIX{}.
+ \versionadded{2.2}
+ \end{funcdesc}
  \begin{funcdesc}{samefile}{path1, path2}
  Return true if both pathname arguments refer to the same file or