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Add note about __getattribute__.

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    file() is now the preferred way to open a file.
+ - In 2.2a3, *for new-style classes only*, __getattr__ was called for
+   every attribute access.  This was confusing because it differed
+   significantly from the behavior of classic classes, where it was
+   only called for missing attributes.  Now, __getattr__ is called only
+   if regular attribute access raises AttributeError; to catch *all*
+   attribute access, *for new-style classes only*, you can use
+   __getattribute__.  If both are defined, __getattribute__ is called
+   first, and if it raises AttributeError, __getattr__ is called.
  - In 2.2a3, __new__ would only see sequential arguments passed to the
    type in a constructor call; __init__ would see both sequential and