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SF [#466125] PyLong_AsLongLong works for any integer.
Generalize PyLong_AsLongLong to accept int arguments too.  The real point
is so that PyArg_ParseTuple's 'L' code does too.  That code was
undocumented (AFAICT), so documented it.

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  Convert a Python integer to a C \ctype{long int}.
+ \item[\samp{L} (integer) {[LONG_LONG]}]
+ Convert a Python integer to a C \ctype{long long}.  This format is only
+ available on platforms that support \ctype{long long} (or \ctype{_int64}
+ on Windows).
  \item[\samp{c} (string of length 1) {[char]}]
  Convert a Python character, represented as a string of length 1, to a