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+ LaTeX (or pdfLaTeX) ran out of memory; how can I fix it?
+ --------------------------------------------------------
+ This is known to be a problem at least on Mac OS X, but it has been
+ observed on other systems in the past.
+ On some systems, the default sizes of some of the memory pools
+ allocated by TeX needs to be changed; this is a configuration setting
+ for installations based on web2c (most if not all installations).
+ This is usually set in a file named texmf/web2c/texmf.cnf (where the
+ top-level texmf/ directory is part of the TeX installation).  If you
+ get a "buffer overflow" warning from LaTeX, open that configuration
+ file and look for the "main_memory.pdflatex" setting.  If there is not
+ one, you can add a line with the setting.  The value 1500000 seems to
+ be sufficient for formatting the Python documetantion.
  What if Times fonts are not available?

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