[Python-checkins] python/dist/src/Lib/distutils/command wininst.exe,,

theller at users.sourceforge.net theller at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Jul 2 03:54:24 EDT 2004

Update of /cvsroot/python/python/dist/src/Lib/distutils/command
In directory sc8-pr-cvs1.sourceforge.net:/tmp/cvs-serv30999

Modified Files:
      Tag: release23-maint
Log Message:
Fix for SF 982215: bdist_wininst - Next button not greyed out during file copy.
Patch from Mark Hammond.
Recompiled binary.

Index: wininst.exe
RCS file: /cvsroot/python/python/dist/src/Lib/distutils/command/Attic/wininst.exe,v
retrieving revision
retrieving revision
diff -C2 -d -r1.1.16.2 -r1.1.16.3
Binary files /tmp/cvs5eckkL and /tmp/cvsccJiCP differ

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