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Begin a log of developer permissions.

--- NEW FILE: developers ---
Developer Log

This file is a running log of developers given permissions on SourceForge.

The purpose is to provide some institutional memory of who was given access
and why.

The first entry starts in April 2005.  In keeping with the style of
Misc/NEWS, newer entries should be added to the top.  Any markup should
be in the form of ReST.  Entries should include the initials of the
project admin who made the change or granted access.  Feel free to revise
the format to accommodate documentation needs as they arise.

Permissions History

- Nick Coghlan was given SF tracker permissions on 5 Apr 2005 by RDH.
  For several months, he has been active in reviewing and contributing
  patches.  The added permissions give him greater flexibility in
  working with the tracker.

Initials of Project Admins

RDH:  Raymond Hettinger

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