[Python-checkins] commit of r41807 - python/trunk/Doc/lib/libpprint.tex

fredrik.lundh python-checkins at python.org
Sun Dec 25 12:36:46 CET 2005

Author: fredrik.lundh
Date: Sun Dec 25 12:36:43 2005
New Revision: 41807

fixed two typos in pprint reference page

Modified: python/trunk/Doc/lib/libpprint.tex
--- python/trunk/Doc/lib/libpprint.tex	(original)
+++ python/trunk/Doc/lib/libpprint.tex	Sun Dec 25 12:36:43 2005
@@ -197,10 +197,10 @@
 presented which is already represented in \var{context}, the third
 return value should be true.  Recursive calls to the \method{format()}
 method should add additional entries for containers to this
-dictionary.  The fourth argument, \var{maxlevels}, gives the requested
+dictionary.  The third argument, \var{maxlevels}, gives the requested
 limit to recursion; this will be \code{0} if there is no requested
 limit.  This argument should be passed unmodified to recursive calls.
-The fourth argument, \var{level} gives the current level; recursive
+The fourth argument, \var{level}, gives the current level; recursive
 calls should be passed a value less than that of the current call.

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