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Fixed documentation for SMTPHandler

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--- liblogging.tex	2 Dec 2004 21:27:42 -0000	1.34
+++ liblogging.tex	18 Feb 2005 11:50:11 -0000	1.35
@@ -1133,8 +1133,7 @@
 \begin{classdesc}{SMTPHandler}{mailhost, fromaddr, toaddrs, subject}
 Returns a new instance of the \class{SMTPHandler} class. The
 instance is initialized with the from and to addresses and subject
-line of the email. The \var{toaddrs} should be a list of strings without
-domain names (That's what the \var{mailhost} is for). To specify a
+line of the email. The \var{toaddrs} should be a list of strings. To specify a
 non-standard SMTP port, use the (host, port) tuple format for the
 \var{mailhost} argument. If you use a string, the standard SMTP port
 is used.

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