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 The situation is slightly different for function return values.  
 While passing a reference to most functions does not change your 
 ownership responsibilities for that reference, many functions that 
-return a referece to an object give you ownership of the reference.
+return a reference to an object give you ownership of the reference.
 The reason is simple: in many cases, the returned object is created 
 on the fly, and the reference you get is the only reference to the 
 object.  Therefore, the generic functions that return object 

Index: memory.tex
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@@ -134,7 +134,7 @@
 In addition, the following macro sets are provided for calling the
 Python memory allocator directly, without involving the C API functions
 listed above. However, note that their use does not preserve binary
-compatibility accross Python versions and is therefore deprecated in
+compatibility across Python versions and is therefore deprecated in
 extension modules.
 \cfunction{PyMem_MALLOC()}, \cfunction{PyMem_REALLOC()}, \cfunction{PyMem_FREE()}.

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