[Python-checkins] python/dist/src/Doc/lib libdis.tex,1.41,1.42

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Wed Jan 5 08:19:13 CET 2005

Update of /cvsroot/python/python/dist/src/Doc/lib
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add two missing items

Index: libdis.tex
RCS file: /cvsroot/python/python/dist/src/Doc/lib/libdis.tex,v
retrieving revision 1.41
retrieving revision 1.42
diff -u -d -r1.41 -r1.42
--- libdis.tex	10 May 2003 08:51:26 -0000	1.41
+++ libdis.tex	5 Jan 2005 07:19:11 -0000	1.42
@@ -78,6 +78,10 @@
 Sequence of operation names, indexable using the byte code.
+Dictionary mapping byte codes to operation names.
 Sequence of all compare operation names.
@@ -688,3 +692,9 @@
 keyword arguments dictionary, followed by the variable-arguments
 tuple, followed by explicit keyword and positional arguments.
+This is not really an opcode.  It identifies the dividing line between
+opcodes which don't take arguments \code{< HAVE_ARGUMENT} and those which do
+\code{>= HAVE_ARGUMENT}.

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