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@@ -379,9 +379,11 @@
 by Kevin D. Smith, Jim Jewett, and Skip Montanaro.  Several people
 wrote patches implementing function decorators, but the one that was
 actually checked in was patch \#979728, written by Mark Russell.}
-% XXX add link to decorators module in Wiki
+{This Wiki page contains several examples of decorators.}
@@ -1426,6 +1428,12 @@
 Python 2.4's regular expression engine can match this pattern without
+\item The \module{signal} module now performs tighter error-checking
+on the parameters to the \function{signal.signal()} function.  For
+example, you can't set a handler on the \constant{SIGKILL} signal;
+previous versions of Python would quietly accept this, but 2.4 will
+raise a \exception{RuntimeError} exception.
 \item Two new functions were added to the \module{socket} module.
 \function{socketpair()} returns a pair of connected sockets and
 \function{getservbyport(\var{port})} looks up the service name for a
@@ -1724,8 +1732,10 @@
 \item \constant{None} is now a constant; code that binds a new value to 
 the name \samp{None} is now a syntax error.
-% signal module now raises a RuntimeError on insane calls - e.g. setting a 
-% handler on SIGKILL
+\item The \function{signals.signal()} function now raises a
+\exception{RuntimeError} exception for certain illegal values;
+previously these errors would pass silently.  For example, you can no
+longer set a handler on the \constant{SIGKILL} signal.

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