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Add the upload command. Make all dist commands register their
outputs with the distribution object.

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 versions, the Hidden property should be set to yes. This must be edited
 through the web interface.
+\section{The .pypirc file}
+The format of the \file{.pypirc} file is formated as follows:
+repository: <repository-url>
+username: <username>
+password: <password>
+\var{repository} can be ommitted and defaults to
+\chapter{Uploading Packages to the Package Index}
+The Python Package Index (PyPI) not only stores the package info, but also 
+the package data if the author of the package wishes to. The distutils
+command \command{upload} pushes the distribution files to PyPI.
+The command is invokes immediately after building one or more distribution
+files, e.g. as
+python setup.py sdist bdist_wininst upload
+The \command{upload} command uses the username and password stored in
+in the file \file{$HOME/.pypirc}, see \ref{pypirc}.
@@ -2055,6 +2085,11 @@
 implemented by the class \class{distcmds.bdist_openpkg.bdist_openpkg}
 or \class{buildcmds.bdist_openpkg.bdist_openpkg}.
+\section{Adding new distribution types}
+Commands that create distributions (i.e. files in the dist directory)
+need to add (command, filename) pairs to \var{self.distribution.dist_files}
+so that \command{upload} can upload it to PyPI.
 \chapter{Command Reference}

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