[Python-checkins] r46701 - python/trunk/Mac/OSX/IDLE/Makefile.in python/trunk/Mac/OSX/IDLE/config-extensions.def python/trunk/Mac/OSX/IDLE/config-main.def

ronald.oussoren python-checkins at python.org
Tue Jun 6 21:56:00 CEST 2006

Author: ronald.oussoren
Date: Tue Jun  6 21:56:00 2006
New Revision: 46701

A quick hack to ensure the right key-bindings for IDLE on osx: install patched
configuration files during a framework install.

Modified: python/trunk/Mac/OSX/IDLE/Makefile.in
--- python/trunk/Mac/OSX/IDLE/Makefile.in	(original)
+++ python/trunk/Mac/OSX/IDLE/Makefile.in	Tue Jun  6 21:56:00 2006
@@ -25,11 +25,13 @@
 all: IDLE.app
-install: IDLE.app
+install: IDLE.app $(srcdir)/config-main.def $(srcdir)/config-extensions.def
+	cp $(srcdir)/config-main.def "$(DESTDIR)$(prefix)/lib/python$(VERSION)/idlelib/config-main.def"
+	cp $(srcdir)/config-extensions.def "$(DESTDIR)$(prefix)/lib/python$(VERSION)/idlelib/config-extensions.def"
 	rm -rf IDLE.app

Added: python/trunk/Mac/OSX/IDLE/config-extensions.def
--- (empty file)
+++ python/trunk/Mac/OSX/IDLE/config-extensions.def	Tue Jun  6 21:56:00 2006
@@ -0,0 +1,88 @@
+# config-extensions.def
+# IDLE reads several config files to determine user preferences.  This
+# file is the default configuration file for IDLE extensions settings.
+# Each extension must have at least one section, named after the extension
+# module. This section must contain an 'enable' item (=1 to enable the
+# extension, =0 to disable it), it may contain 'enable_editor' or 'enable_shell'
+# items, to apply it only to editor/shell windows, and may also contain any
+# other general configuration items for the extension.
+# Each extension must define at least one section named ExtensionName_bindings
+# or ExtensionName_cfgBindings. If present, ExtensionName_bindings defines
+# virtual event bindings for the extension that are not user re-configurable.
+# If present, ExtensionName_cfgBindings defines virtual event bindings for the
+# extension that may be sensibly re-configured.
+# If there are no keybindings for a menus' virtual events, include lines like
+# <<toggle-code-context>>=   (See [CodeContext], below.)
+# Currently it is necessary to manually modify this file to change extension
+# key bindings and default values. To customize, create
+# ~/.idlerc/config-extensions.cfg and append the appropriate customized
+# section(s).  Those sections will override the defaults in this file.
+# Note: If a keybinding is already in use when the extension is
+# loaded, the extension's virtual event's keybinding will be set to ''.
+# See config-keys.def for notes on specifying keys and extend.txt for
+# information on creating IDLE extensions.
+refresh-calltip=<KeyRelease-parenright> <KeyRelease-0>
+style= expression
+flash-delay= 500
+bell= 1
+paren-closed=<KeyRelease-parenright> <KeyRelease-bracketright> <KeyRelease-braceright>
+try-open-completions=<KeyRelease-period> <KeyRelease-slash> <KeyRelease-backslash>

Added: python/trunk/Mac/OSX/IDLE/config-main.def
--- (empty file)
+++ python/trunk/Mac/OSX/IDLE/config-main.def	Tue Jun  6 21:56:00 2006
@@ -0,0 +1,79 @@
+# IDLE reads several config files to determine user preferences.  This
+# file is the default config file for general idle settings.
+# When IDLE starts, it will look in
+# the following two sets of files, in order:
+#     default configuration
+#     ---------------------
+#     config-main.def         the default general config file
+#     config-extensions.def   the default extension config file
+#     config-highlight.def    the default highlighting config file
+#     config-keys.def         the default keybinding config file
+#     user configuration
+#     -------------------
+#     ~/.idlerc/config-main.cfg            the user general config file
+#     ~/.idlerc/config-extensions.cfg      the user extension config file
+#     ~/.idlerc/config-highlight.cfg       the user highlighting config file
+#     ~/.idlerc/config-keys.cfg            the user keybinding config file
+# On Windows2000 and Windows XP the .idlerc directory is at
+#     Documents and Settings\<username>\.idlerc
+# On Windows98 it is at c:\.idlerc
+# Any options the user saves through the config dialog will be saved to
+# the relevant user config file. Reverting any general setting to the
+# default causes that entry to be wiped from the user file and re-read
+# from the default file. User highlighting themes or keybinding sets are
+# retained unless specifically deleted within the config dialog. Choosing
+# one of the default themes or keysets just applies the relevant settings
+# from the default file.
+# Additional help sources are listed in the [HelpFiles] section and must be
+# viewable by a web browser (or the Windows Help viewer in the case of .chm
+# files). These sources will be listed on the Help menu.  The pattern is
+# <sequence_number = menu item;/path/to/help/source>
+# You can't use a semi-colon in a menu item or path.  The path will be platform
+# specific because of path separators, drive specs etc.
+# It is best to use the Configuration GUI to set up additional help sources!
+# Example:
+#1 = My Extra Help Source;/usr/share/doc/foo/index.html
+#2 = Another Help Source;/path/to/another.pdf
+editor-on-startup= 0
+autosave= 0
+print-command-posix=lpr %s
+print-command-win=start /min notepad /p %s
+delete-exitfunc= 1
+width= 80
+height= 40
+font= courier
+font-size= 10
+font-bold= 0
+encoding= none
+use-spaces= 1
+num-spaces= 4
+default= 1
+name= IDLE Classic
+default= 1
+name= IDLE Classic Mac

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