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Author: andrew.kuchling
Date: Tue May 23 14:44:36 2006
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Add some items; mention the sprint

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@@ -1120,6 +1120,13 @@
+Several of the optimizations were developed at the NeedForSpeed
+sprint, an event held in Reykjavik, Iceland, from May 21--28 2006.
+The sprint focused on speed enhancements to the CPython implementation
+and was funded by EWT LLC with local support from CCP Games.  Those
+optimizations added at this sprint are specially marked in the
+following list.
 \item When they were introduced 
@@ -1138,6 +1145,13 @@
 \code{a = 2+3}, the code generator will do the arithmetic and produce
 code corresponding to \code{a = 5}.
+\item Function calls are now faster because code objects now keep 
+the most recently finished frame (a ``zombie frame'') in an internal
+field of the code object, reusing it the next time the code object is
+invoked.  (Original patch by Michael Hudson, modified by Armin Rigo
+and Richard Jones; committed at the NeedForSpeed sprint.)
+% Patch 876206
 The net result of the 2.5 optimizations is that Python 2.5 runs the
@@ -1935,6 +1949,10 @@
 \code{"trunk:45355:45356M, Apr 13 2006, 07:42:19"}.  
 (Contributed by Barry Warsaw.)
+\item \cfunction{PyErr_NewException(\var{name}, \var{base},
+\var{dict})} can now accept a tuple of base classes as its \var{base}
+argument.  (Contributed by Georg Brandl.)
 \item The CPython interpreter is still written in C, but 
 the code can now be compiled with a {\Cpp} compiler without errors.  
 (Implemented by Anthony Baxter, Martin von~L\"owis, Skip Montanaro.)

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