[Python-checkins] r52657 - python/trunk/Doc/whatsnew/whatsnew25.tex

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Tue Nov 7 21:39:17 CET 2006

Author: andrew.kuchling
Date: Tue Nov  7 21:39:16 2006
New Revision: 52657

Add missing word

Modified: python/trunk/Doc/whatsnew/whatsnew25.tex
--- python/trunk/Doc/whatsnew/whatsnew25.tex	(original)
+++ python/trunk/Doc/whatsnew/whatsnew25.tex	Tue Nov  7 21:39:16 2006
@@ -540,7 +540,7 @@
-\keyword{yield} will usually return \constant{None}, you
+\keyword{yield} will usually return \constant{None}, so you
 should always check for this case.  Don't just use its value in
 expressions unless you're sure that the \method{send()} method
 will be the only method used to resume your generator function.

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