[Python-checkins] r51845 - peps/trunk/pep-0101.txt

martin.v.loewis python-checkins at python.org
Sun Sep 10 19:13:29 CEST 2006

Author: martin.v.loewis
Date: Sun Sep 10 19:13:29 2006
New Revision: 51845

Drop the mentioning of python20.wse, as it is
not used anymore.

Modified: peps/trunk/pep-0101.txt
--- peps/trunk/pep-0101.txt	(original)
+++ peps/trunk/pep-0101.txt	Sun Sep 10 19:13:29 2006
@@ -207,10 +207,6 @@
         (displayed when you right-click on the DLL and select
-    ___ PCbuild/python20.wse sets up the Windows installer version
-        resource (displayed when you right-click on the installer .exe
-        and select Properties).
     ___ The license.ht file for the distribution on the website
         contains what purports to be an HTML-ized copy of the LICENSE
         file from the distribution.

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