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Tue Feb 13 07:25:50 CET 2007

Author: brett.cannon
Date: Tue Feb 13 07:25:50 2007
New Revision: 53760

   python/branches/bcannon-sandboxing/BRANCH_NOTES   (contents, props changed)
Add a file documenting some things about this branch.

Added: python/branches/bcannon-sandboxing/BRANCH_NOTES
--- (empty file)
+++ python/branches/bcannon-sandboxing/BRANCH_NOTES	Tue Feb 13 07:25:50 2007
@@ -0,0 +1,24 @@
+This branch is to try to track how memory is used throughout the interpreter.
+The goal was to be able to ask questions like, "how many bytes are being used
+by integers?" and the like.
+The hope was that people would be able to tell where all of their memory usage
+was going.  This could also help with finding reference leaks if a certain type
+of object was taking up more memory than it was supposed to.
+Tracking "leaks" a few bytes after every pressing of Enter at an interpreter
+This branch was meant as a proof-of-concept of the idea.  It was to work out
+how one could track pymalloc and malloc usage.
+* PEP.txt in this branch.

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