[Python-checkins] r54006 - sandbox/trunk/2to3/README

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Wed Feb 28 00:06:39 CET 2007

Author: collin.winter
Date: Wed Feb 28 00:06:37 2007
New Revision: 54006

Update to reflect that tokenize.py now lives in pgen2/

Modified: sandbox/trunk/2to3/README
--- sandbox/trunk/2to3/README	(original)
+++ sandbox/trunk/2to3/README	Wed Feb 28 00:06:37 2007
@@ -10,19 +10,20 @@
 patcomp.py     - pattern compiler
 pytree.py      - parse tree nodes (not specific to Python, despite the name!)
 pygram.py      - code specific to the Python grammar
-tokenize.py    - modified version of stdlib tokenize.py (1)
 example.py     - example input for play.py and fix_*.py
 Grammar.txt    - Python grammar input (a copy of Python 2.5's Grammar/Grammar)
 Grammar.pickle - pickled grammar tables (generated file, not in subversion)
 PatternGrammar.txt    - grammar for the pattern language used by patcomp.py
 PatternGrammar.pickle - pickled pattern grammar tables (generated file)
-pgen2/         - Parser generator and driver (2)
+pgen2/         - Parser generator and driver (1) (2)
 fixes/         - Individual transformations
 (1) I modified tokenize.py to yield a NL pseudo-token for backslash
     continuations, so the original source can be reproduced exactly.
+    The modified version can be found at pgen2/tokenize.py.
 (2) I developed pgen2 while I was at Elemental Security.  I modified
     it while at Google to suit the needs of this refactoring tool.

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