[Python-checkins] r55984 - python/trunk/Misc/build.sh

neal.norwitz python-checkins at python.org
Fri Jun 15 05:11:42 CEST 2007

Author: neal.norwitz
Date: Fri Jun 15 05:11:41 2007
New Revision: 55984

urllib2_localnet says it leaks probably due to threads. So ignore it.
popen2 is also complaining probably for similar reasons.
make install always reports failure, so don't mail in this case.

Modified: python/trunk/Misc/build.sh
--- python/trunk/Misc/build.sh	(original)
+++ python/trunk/Misc/build.sh	Fri Jun 15 05:11:41 2007
@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@
 # Note: test_XXX (none currently) really leak, but are disabled
 # so we don't send spam.  Any test which really leaks should only 
 # be listed here if there are also test cases under Lib/test/leakers.
 # Skip these tests altogether when looking for leaks.  These tests
 # do not need to be stored above in LEAKY_TESTS too.
@@ -166,7 +166,6 @@
             make install >& build/$F
             update_status "Installing" "$F" $start
-            mail_on_failure "install" build/$F
             if [ ! -x $PYTHON ]; then
                 ln -s ${PYTHON}2.* $PYTHON

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