[Python-checkins] <ADV>SDF Approved Communications Workshops in April/May/June/July

Communication Workshops sjcourses at gmail.com
Mon Apr 14 01:23:52 CEST 2008

Efficient Minutes Writing - 21 April ($288) 
Writing Brilliant Reports, Proposals and Staff Papers - 22 and 23 April ($488) 
Writing Professional Letters and Email - 24 and 25 April ($488) 
Speaking Like a Professional - 5 and 6 May ($488) 
Perfecting Your Grammar - 7 to 9 May ($588) 
Speaking English with Correct Pronunciation 12 and 13 June ($488) 
Communicating Effectively - 26 and 27 June ($488) 
Achieving Higher Performance Customer Service - 3 and 4 July ($488)
Full course, registration and SDF amount details are available at our website:
We also offer Composition/Essay Writing, Comprehension and Grammar Courses for Primary, Secondary and Pre-U students. Please visit our website at http://www.trilifecom.com for more details.

We look forward with great pleasure to welcoming you to our courses.
Best regards
Yours sincerely
Merle Celine Magness (Ms)
TriLife Communications, Singapore
Tel: 6581-0970 Email: courses at trilifecom.com

This is a genuine business advertisement. Should you wish to enquire about our courses, unsubscribe or change your email address, please email courses at trilifecom.com To unsubscribe, please give us the exact email address. Thank you for your time.
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