[Python-checkins] r76180 - peps/trunk/pep-3003.txt

guido.van.rossum python-checkins at python.org
Mon Nov 9 18:53:38 CET 2009

Author: guido.van.rossum
Date: Mon Nov  9 18:53:38 2009
New Revision: 76180

Clarify the time covered by the moratorium.  Also explicitly say an
extension would require another PEP.


Modified: peps/trunk/pep-3003.txt
--- peps/trunk/pep-3003.txt	(original)
+++ peps/trunk/pep-3003.txt	Mon Nov  9 18:53:38 2009
@@ -15,7 +15,10 @@
 This PEP proposes a temporary moratorium (suspension) of all changes
 to the Python language syntax, semantics, and built-ins for a period
-of at least two years from the release of Python 3.1.
+of at least two years from the release of Python 3.1.  In particular, the
+moratorium would include Python 3.2 (to be released 18-24 months after
+3.1) but allow Python 3.3 (assuming it is not released prematurely) to
+once again include language changes.
 This suspension of features is designed to allow non-CPython implementations
 to "catch up" to the core implementation of the language, help ease adoption
@@ -133,6 +136,12 @@
 commits would need to be rolled back in order to meet this goal.
+The time period of the moratorium can only be extended through a new PEP.

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