[Python-checkins] r79893 - peps/trunk/pep-0376.txt

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Wed Apr 7 15:29:07 CEST 2010

Author: tarek.ziade
Date: Wed Apr  7 15:29:07 2010
New Revision: 79893

fixes from python-dev feedback


Modified: peps/trunk/pep-0376.txt
--- peps/trunk/pep-0376.txt	(original)
+++ peps/trunk/pep-0376.txt	Wed Apr  7 15:29:07 2010
@@ -219,9 +219,13 @@
 Here's an example of a RECORD file (extract)::
+    lib/python2.6/site-packages/docutils/__init__.pyc
+    lib/python2.6/site-packages/docutils/core.pyc
+    lib/python2.6/site-packages/roman.pyc
+    /usr/local/bin/rst2html.pyc
@@ -275,7 +279,7 @@
 file. It accepts ``--requested`` and ``--no-requested`` options to explicitly
 specify whether the file is created.
-If a package that was already installed on the system as a dependency
+If a distribution that was already installed on the system as a dependency
 is later installed by name, the distutils ``install`` command will
 create the REQUESTED file in the .dist-info directory of the existing
@@ -329,6 +333,10 @@
   Iterates over all distributions to find out which distributions uses ``path``.
   ``path`` can be a local absolute path or a relative '/'-separated path.
+  A local absolute path is an absolute path in which occurrences of '/'
+  have been replaced by the system separator given by ``os.sep``.
 Distribution class
@@ -348,7 +356,7 @@
   distribution's METADATA file.
 - ``requested``: A boolean that indicates whether the REQUESTED
-  metadata file is present (in other words, whether the package was
+  metadata file is present (in other words, whether the distribution was
   installed by user request).
 And following methods:
@@ -520,7 +528,7 @@
 An `uninstall` script is added in Distutils. and is used like this::
-    $ python -m distutils.uninstall packagename
+    $ python -m distutils.uninstall projectname
 Notice that script doesn't control if the removal of a distribution breaks
 another distribution. Although it makes sure that all the files it removes

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