[Python-checkins] r86442 - python/branches/py3k/Doc/reference/datamodel.rst

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Sat Nov 13 05:24:27 CET 2010

Author: fred.drake
Date: Sat Nov 13 05:24:26 2010
New Revision: 86442

use appropriate markup


Modified: python/branches/py3k/Doc/reference/datamodel.rst
--- python/branches/py3k/Doc/reference/datamodel.rst	(original)
+++ python/branches/py3k/Doc/reference/datamodel.rst	Sat Nov 13 05:24:26 2010
@@ -1591,7 +1591,7 @@
 Once those definitions are executed, the ordered dictionary is fully populated
 and the metaclass's :meth:`__new__` method gets invoked.  That method builds
 the new type and it saves the ordered dictionary keys in an attribute
-called *members*.
+called ``members``.
 Customizing instance and subclass checks

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