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 better if it can be diagnosed and suppressed by fixing the test's implementation,
 or by making its parameters - such as a timeout - more robust.
+Custom builders
+When working on a long-lived feature branch, or on a bugfix branch which
+enables issue-specific debugging, you will probably want to test your
+work on one or several buildbots.  Since your work is hosted in a distinct
+repository, you can't trigger builds on the regular builders.  Instead,
+you have to use one of the `custom builders
+When creating ("forcing") a build on a custom builder, you have to provide
+at least two parameters:
+* The repository path, relative to http://hg.python.org. For example,
+  ``sandbox/myfixes`` if ``http://hg.python.org/sandbox/myfixes`` is the
+  full path to the repository.
+* The Mercurial id of the changeset you want to build.  To make things less
+  tedious, we suggest you do your changes in a separate named branch: you can
+  then supply the branch name instead of a specific changeset id.
+If you are interested in the results of a specific test file only, we
+recommend you change (temporarily, of course) the contents of the
+``buildbottest`` clause in ``Makefile.pre.in``; or, for Windows builders,
+the ``Tools/buildbot/test.bat`` and ``Tools/buildbot/test-amd64.bat``
+.. note::
+   For security reasons, it is impossible to build repositories from outside
+   the http://hg.python.org realm.

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