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  Two new sections (more motivation, rejected @allow_implicit_stop).

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diff --git a/pep-0479.txt b/pep-0479.txt
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@@ -100,6 +100,16 @@
 terminate a generator: the proper way is ``return``, not
 ``raise StopIteration``.
+As an added bonus, the above changes bring generator functions much
+more in line with regular functions.  If you wish to take a piece of
+code presented as a generator and turn it into something else, you
+can usually do this fairly simply, by replacing every ``yield`` with
+a call to ``print()`` or ``list.append()``; however, if there are any
+bare ``next()`` calls in the code, you have to be aware of them.  If
+the code was originally written without relying on ``StopIteration``
+terminating the function, the transformation would be that much
 Background information
@@ -433,6 +443,7 @@
 bubble out would still be potentially wrong, depending on the use made
 of the distinction between the two exception types.
 Converting the exception inside next()
@@ -449,6 +460,45 @@
 would help this; however, all code would still need to be rewritten.)
+Sub-proposal: decorator to explicitly request current behaviour
+Nick Coghlan suggested [13]_ that the situations where the current
+behaviour is desired could be supported by means of a decorator::
+    from itertools import allow_implicit_stop
+    @allow_implicit_stop
+    def my_generator():
+        ...
+        yield next(it)
+        ...
+Which would be semantically equivalent to::
+    def my_generator():
+        try:
+            ...
+            yield next(it)
+            ...
+        except StopIteration
+            return
+but be faster, as it could be implemented by simply permitting the
+``StopIteration`` to bubble up directly.
+Single-source Python 2/3 code would also benefit in a 3.7+ world,
+since libraries like six and python-future could just define their own
+version of "allow_implicit_stop" that referred to the new builtin in
+3.5+, and was implemented as an identity function in other versions.
+However, due to the implementation complexities required, the ongoing
+compatibility issues created, the subtlety of the decorator's effect,
+and the fact that it would encourage the "quick-fix" solution of just
+slapping the decorator onto all generators instead of properly fixing
+the code in question, this sub-proposal has been rejected. [14]_
@@ -516,6 +566,12 @@
 .. [12] Post from Mark Shannon with alternate proposal
+.. [13] Idea from Nick Coghlan
+   (https://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-dev/2014-November/137201.html)
+.. [14] Rejection by GvR
+   (https://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-dev/2014-November/137243.html)

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