[Python-checkins] Drop confusing commented out code in pystrtod.c (GH-6072)

Xiang Zhang webhook-mailer at python.org
Sun Mar 11 05:45:19 EDT 2018

commit: 9fb84157595a385f15799e5d0729c1e1b0ba9d38
branch: master
author: Siddhesh Poyarekar <siddhesh.poyarekar at gmail.com>
committer: Xiang Zhang <angwerzx at 126.com>
date: 2018-03-11T17:45:10+08:00

Drop confusing commented out code in pystrtod.c (GH-6072)

M Python/pystrtod.c

diff --git a/Python/pystrtod.c b/Python/pystrtod.c
index 601f7c691edf..3546d44c8424 100644
--- a/Python/pystrtod.c
+++ b/Python/pystrtod.c
@@ -1060,8 +1060,6 @@ format_float_short(double d, char format_code,
         else {
             /* shouldn't get here: Gay's code should always return
                something starting with a digit, an 'I',  or 'N' */
-            /* strncpy(p, "ERR", 3);
-               p += 3; */
         goto exit;

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