[Python-checkins] [2.7] closes bpo-35139: The `pyexpat` module's macros in `Modules/Setup` now match `setup.py` (GH-10293)

Benjamin Peterson webhook-mailer at python.org
Thu Nov 1 23:28:39 EDT 2018

commit: a614cc92088c4e1b2d90aa03415ee6acf70f03b4
branch: 2.7
author: Benjamin Peterson <benjamin at python.org>
committer: GitHub <noreply at github.com>
date: 2018-11-01T20:28:34-07:00

[2.7] closes bpo-35139: The `pyexpat` module's macros in `Modules/Setup` now match `setup.py` (GH-10293)

This could cause compile errors on macOS or other platforms..
(cherry picked from commit 318ab63c01f5b8e7562b122ab5ba01258a51277b)

Co-authored-by: Max Bélanger <aeromax at gmail.com>

A Misc/NEWS.d/next/Build/2018-11-01-15-01-23.bpo-35139.XZTttb.rst
M Modules/Setup.dist

diff --git a/Misc/NEWS.d/next/Build/2018-11-01-15-01-23.bpo-35139.XZTttb.rst b/Misc/NEWS.d/next/Build/2018-11-01-15-01-23.bpo-35139.XZTttb.rst
new file mode 100644
index 000000000000..aa65088be809
--- /dev/null
+++ b/Misc/NEWS.d/next/Build/2018-11-01-15-01-23.bpo-35139.XZTttb.rst
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+Fix a compiler error when statically linking `pyexpat` in `Modules/Setup`.
diff --git a/Modules/Setup.dist b/Modules/Setup.dist
index bd8b52e1de23..bbc922212964 100644
--- a/Modules/Setup.dist
+++ b/Modules/Setup.dist
@@ -469,7 +469,7 @@ GLHACK=-Dclear=__GLclear
 # Interface to the Expat XML parser
 # More information on Expat can be found at www.libexpat.org.
-#pyexpat expat/xmlparse.c expat/xmlrole.c expat/xmltok.c pyexpat.c -I$(srcdir)/Modules/expat -DHAVE_EXPAT_CONFIG_H -DUSE_PYEXPAT_CAPI
+#pyexpat expat/xmlparse.c expat/xmlrole.c expat/xmltok.c pyexpat.c -I$(srcdir)/Modules/expat -DHAVE_EXPAT_CONFIG_H -DXML_POOR_ENTROPY=1 -DUSE_PYEXPAT_CAPI
 # Hye-Shik Chang's CJKCodecs

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