[Python-checkins] Doc: Delete now useless Windows FAQ section (GH-10557)

Julien Palard webhook-mailer at python.org
Mon Nov 26 11:13:44 EST 2018

commit: 5719f275b7153a00a800f5481271a6fc26659c65
branch: master
author: Mathieu Dupuy <deronnax at users.noreply.github.com>
committer: Julien Palard <julien at palard.fr>
date: 2018-11-26T17:13:41+01:00

Doc: Delete now useless Windows FAQ section (GH-10557)

M Doc/faq/windows.rst

diff --git a/Doc/faq/windows.rst b/Doc/faq/windows.rst
index 74aa52ab1a49..75ebe603cb5b 100644
--- a/Doc/faq/windows.rst
+++ b/Doc/faq/windows.rst
@@ -281,14 +281,3 @@ Use the msvcrt module.  This is a standard Windows-specific extension module.
 It defines a function ``kbhit()`` which checks whether a keyboard hit is
 present, and ``getch()`` which gets one character without echoing it.
-How do I extract the downloaded documentation on Windows?
-Sometimes, when you download the documentation package to a Windows machine
-using a web browser, the file extension of the saved file ends up being .EXE.
-This is a mistake; the extension should be .TGZ.
-Simply rename the downloaded file to have the .TGZ extension, and WinZip will be
-able to handle it.  (If your copy of WinZip doesn't, get a newer one from

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